Friday, 17 December 2010

Woah, big post ahoy!

I'm not sure why I called this post that... it has nothing to do with pirates... never mind.
I havn't posted in ages because I have had a lot of work to do. This term we had two modules, one is our production studies (which is due in on Jan 11... wish us luck), the other is professional practice. For this we had to create a blog (I had this one already, but it was a really good opportunity to re-vamp it a bit), write an animation CV, write 2 covering letters to places we might want to work and create a buisness card. Then we had to hand in a folder with all the designs and thought processes that went into everything. That was due in on Thursday, I handed in on time which is always good. 
We had a mini animation christmas thing at the same time where we could get to meet some more animation students. Something they havn't done before, it was really nice. Everyone was free to flick through the folders, so every so often I'd look over and someone was looking through my work who I didn't know. It was quite an interesting experience.
I'm fairly confident that everyone who completed the module will do fine.

Night before the dead line I was so awake and in a really good drawing mood, something not to be ignored. I ended up staying up till about 2 drawing my main character Neeva. Here are some sketches. 

After these warm up sketches I decided to re-visit some of this years life drawing and put Neeva in the poses. I have only done a few of them, but I enjoyed doing it so will probably do some more in the future.

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