Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A trip to the Museum

We have a really awsome Museum up Park Street in Bristol. I have only been there twice, but I still havn't been the whole way round because I get caught by the huge amount of stuffed animals that are around the place. I swear it would take me days to look around the Natural History Museum in London.
It was a really lovely day actually, we just decided to go and then we spent roughly 5 hours sat on the floor and getting in the way.
I don't know if I can call this life drawing.. as most of them have been dead a very long time. I kind of figure it's ok because they have been donated to the museum not killed especially... Anyway, I love drawing animals and it makes it alot easier when they arn't moving around everywhere.

A couple of days later I scrawled these down on a page, I was impressed as I havn't really been able to draw owls before. Kind of showed me that even a little bit of practice can go a long way.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Brain Food

The tital is probably more interesting that the content here.
On our course we are required to attend Visual Culture, which at first thought was a drain and something used to give art courses more 'credibility'. However, having just attended the first proper lecture of 2nd year VS that has been turned on its head.
I havn't been into uni for a while as we have had an obscene amount of time off, and it was great to get really stuck into this lecture. The tital of the lecture is 'Things' and its about how everything has a meaning/ can be interpreted.
I'm not going into it too much now as we covered a staggering amount, but it really fired me up and I just want to discuss it! Infact when we got home the lecture hadn't finished for us and we talked about it for a good hour after.
I am so glad as it would have been rubbish if it hadn't been interesting, or taught badly.

I need to get some sturcture back into my life. At the moment I am living in three different places. None very far away, but having structure whilst moving around alot is hard. Now that term has resumed I will be a bit more dissaplined in posting things. Especially as for one of the modules we have to create a seperate blog to use as a journal/sketchbook of our progress.
Should be interesting.