Wednesday, 8 December 2010

'Home Sweet Home'

My housemate, Niomi, is creative writer for animation and we thought it would be a fun idea to collaborate. She would give me some ideas for character designs and I would design them. I'm hoping it's something we can continue for a while.
Here's our first try;

Home sweet Home is a story created by Niomi about a retirement home for childhood fantasy characters such as the Tooth Fairy. The idea being that parents are taking over the character's 'jobs' leaving them no choice but to retire.
Unfortunately, due to the fact that they aren't needed anymore, they have developed various social disorders.
These are some working sketches for two of the characters:

The Easter Bunny

He is extremely fat and is constantly comfort eating. He no longer has to deliver his eggs, so not only does he have a huge supply to munch on, he doesn't get any exercise either. He  has one glass eye because he ate so much chocolate that his real one fell out. He is particularly sensitive about it and so is a very antisocial. He is prone to anxiety and is often binge eating alone in his room.

The Tooth Fairy

Miss Tooth is a kleptomaniac. After years of taking teeth unnoticed she has developed a rather distressing theft problem. After having to give out shiny pennies and never having anything for herself, she now can not resist a shiny object when she sees one. Although you'd never expect her of anything as she's a cute grandmother figure who smells pleasantly of mouthwash.

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