Friday, 17 December 2010

Nose bleeeeeeed

On Saturday I went into the shower, literally just got in shampoo'd and then it happened. The biggest nose bleed I have had in a very very long time!
I didn't know what to do cause it wouldn't stop and my hands weren't doing anything to staunch it.
I turned the shower off and waited for the rest of me to dry, then stepped over to the bath (leaving a bloody footprint on the floor) and sat in there. I kept thinking how embarrassing it would be if I fainted and someone had to come in to help me cause I was completely starkers.
I had blood all over my face, all down my arms, on my torso and feet. I looked like I had eaten someone.
We have a random ob-long mirror in our bathroom so I could see everything. I wanted a camera. How often do you see that much blood up close?
Unfortunately I didn't have one in there (not sure why you would...) so I drew it instead.
I promise you this is not exaggerating...naked and bloody

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