Monday 16 May 2016

Nina Needs To Go

Way back in 2014 I worked on series 2 of the Disney Junior show 'Nina Needs to Go' as a layout artist at Arthur Cox. Which is essentially about a little girl, Nina, who always needs to go to the toilet at the most inopportune times and her super Nana who always saves the day. 

It was so cool to work on a whole series but also really hard work!   I was in charge of setting up each shot in Flash so that when the animators received them they had all the assets (characters, props all at the correct size for the shot), audio and background art ready to go. Which, when you consider that one of the episodes is called 'Parade' not to mention additional changes to the script and animatic, was no mean feat. 

NNTG - Parade (c) Disney 

When we were nearing the end of the production, and I had readied every episode, I was given the chance to animate a few shots of my own on an episode called 'Country Fair'. I was tasked with animating running pigs for the pig chariot (thats right, pig chariot) unfortunately (for legal reasons) I can't show the full shot I was in charge of, but you can see a clip of my piggy's in action here.

(left - Charlotte Wadsworth right - Sarah Cox)

The series won the RTS West of England award for Best Animation this year!

Thursday 11 June 2015

Tumblr catch up

So I've been posting lots of stuff on my tumblr  recently, here are the best bits.

My entry for ABC me a Harry

This is a fan art of the wonderful Dommi Fox

Some little comics I've been having fun with

Fun at the drink and draw

So Luke and I went to the drink and draw at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol. It was loads of fun and super loose.
These are drawn without looking at the paper, I kind of love them.

                       My drawing of Luke                                                        Luke's drawing of me.

We were also drawing from postcards, so I mixed three of them together. I liked this one the best.

Sunday 22 March 2015

First Speed Paint

A very quick speed paint of my sister and niece. They are too cute. This was hard. But I'm learning.