Thursday, 25 April 2013

Delving into the relm of the three dimentional

So, it's been a fair while since I updated here which is silly as I have been making and doing and existing.
I suddenly realised I havn't put up any of my 3D work on here. I have only really started doing this stuff since I finished Uni (Almost a YEAR ago!!!!). But I've always been interested in having a go. So, for my birthday my lovely folks got me Super skulpy, tools and wire. I was over the moon!
Aswell as this I have gotten really into needlefelting and am currently exploring what I can do with it.
Here are some that I am particularly proud of.

 (Neither of this needle felted guys have any stitching on them!)
 This hand was the first thing I have ever sculpted using this clay, and pretty much the first thing I have properly sculpted. I used reference for this and the face below from Pose Book by Silver. (An amazing app just so you know!)
 Not really sure where this guy came from, but he's pretty gross. I want to paint them at some point but I'm a little scared I'll totally ruin them.
More to come (In the future sometime)

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