Friday, 10 August 2012

Sketchbook time

 This happened when I was on holiday. We had just returned from our morning swim in the sea (the Scottish sea is COLD!) and it was raining. And dad needed me to hold an umbrella over him whilst he poured water from the water carriers (we were camping.) I couldn't help sketching it because I thought it was an odd act.

These are from a couple of nights ago, suddenly got inspired to draw. Not so fussed about the first one as I drew it from a fashion pic and it sort of lacks character.
 But then I was totally inspired by this lovely lady Bethan Mure. She is so certain with her mark making, something that I am trying to get better at. And this was my first attempt.

 I have been watching a lot of Olympics, I mean a lot! And I happened to catch the GB woman's team playing hockey. One of them had just scored a goal and it was a pretty amazing facial expression.

I'm hoping to get off my butt and start drawing again properly so hopefully this blog will be teaming with doodles very soon.

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