Thursday, 8 September 2011

A long and short summer

Well, the winter is definalty rolling in at an alarmingly fast pace. As always summer has not felt like long enough for the list of things I had set out to do at the beginning.
But onwards and upwards.
I did not feel like I did amazingly well at the end of my second year, not as well as I had wanted really. So, this being the ledgendary third year and all, I endevour to try harder.
I have a pretty strong idea for a film which I would like to make this year, but I am feeling a little lost as to what to do afterwards. I bearly have a portfolio or showreel to speak of, through my own doing ofcourse and I'm rather worried about my hireability.
I'm hoping that rejoining everyone else and getting some much needed advice will help.

Anyway, I came across this yesterday and thought it was rather lovely.

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