Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A trip to the Museum

We have a really awsome Museum up Park Street in Bristol. I have only been there twice, but I still havn't been the whole way round because I get caught by the huge amount of stuffed animals that are around the place. I swear it would take me days to look around the Natural History Museum in London.
It was a really lovely day actually, we just decided to go and then we spent roughly 5 hours sat on the floor and getting in the way.
I don't know if I can call this life drawing.. as most of them have been dead a very long time. I kind of figure it's ok because they have been donated to the museum not killed especially... Anyway, I love drawing animals and it makes it alot easier when they arn't moving around everywhere.

A couple of days later I scrawled these down on a page, I was impressed as I havn't really been able to draw owls before. Kind of showed me that even a little bit of practice can go a long way.

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