Saturday, 2 October 2010

SS Great Britian Project

Last year we got the chance to work on part of a film for UWE. It was a project called SS Great Britain - The Incredible Journey. I was really excited, it's the first proper animation 'job' I've had. Although we didn't have any creative input it was really interesting.

Mostly it was a scene colouring job, but we also had the chance to do a bit of character animation. I jumped at the chance and was given 2 scenes to paint and 2 to animate.

With the project completed I sort of forgot about it and I have missed my chance to get my hands on my finished scenes which was really stupid.

However, the film is shown on the SS Great Britain and my name, along with a list of others in my year, is listed in the credits. I was really excited when I saw that.

My work is mingled in the third part of the film, which is more 2D based.

I have the scenes from before I worked on them somewhere, will upload when I can. But for now; this is the link to the full film.

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